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Fascinating article about children and language

I found this article really interesting. Researchers gave children of different ages a fairly simple test:

Children were shown a picture of a child, speaking English (with a speech bubble) and two adults (speaking English and another language). One of the adults was a different race from the child. Children were asked "Which adult will the child grow up to be?" It would seem obvious that the children would simply pick the adult who was the same race as the child, but the younger group systematically picked the adult speaking English, regardless of the mismatched race.


http://www.futurity.org/society-culture/language-may-trump-race-for-young-kids/(external link)

A good thing with studies of this kind is that you can always run them somewhere else and see what happens there, you just need to change the language combination, and in this case, races too. I would run it in Germany with white German kids and brown Turkish kids, and see how much the results resemble those in the US study.
Thank you for sharing this!

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