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Where do you translate best and what's your dirty little procrastination destination?

As I lie here in my bed (despite it being 6 PM), working on a volunteer translation for La Scena Musicale, I came to wonder two things about my LinguisTech readers.

1) Where do other people do most of their translating work?
I have tried to sit at a desk. I think that freelancing is going to be the only way to go for me, because I don't know of many offices that have comfy beds in each cubicle. I do the majority of my work, whether it be blogging, translating or preparing lessons from the comfort of my bed. (Or at least from my couch, that's a bit of a step up...) So, where are you when you translate?

2) What sites do people go to when they are procrastinating?
About every 15 mintues, I need to do something else, even if it's just for a brief moment. My reflex click is to Facebook, which is of course one of my toolbar bookmarks. Now I have also added Twitter to my toolbar, given the self-imposed initiation that I am currently undertaking. Twitter is great because there are new tweets practically every minute! I confess that I also visit PerezHilton.com for mind-numbing celebrity gossip, or Cracked.com for witty social commentary. And, as you can see, another place I turn is to LinguisTech to write a forum post! Where does the internet take you when you need a break? (And how disappointed in yourself are you when you realize your 5-minute break has become an hour....)

1- My favorite place to do my translation/writing/research work is where I was NOT the day before, just like my favourite route from home to university. I guess in general I try to avoid every routine, and if I have the opportunity to change the environment I work from every day, I do it. Unfortunately (mmm... maybe not) there has to be Wi-Fi preferably with a secured connection. But even if I work from home, I try not to stay in the same place. I confess, I get lots of my work done from the comfort of my bed, but I have also found myself writing a blog post from the poolside at a hotel in a mediterranean island. (Oups... I think I just let out a little secret!)
2-My main on-line procrastination destinations are comedy videos on YouTube (but I also watch them with the eye of a language-in-action specialist) and local news. I don't feel guilty when my 5-minute break has become an hour... I know I have the ability and the flexibility to catch up later/wake-up earlier.

1- Currently, I am a bilingual senior editor for Service Canada's EI and CPP/OAS telephone services. I mostly do both translation and editing of their procedural documents.
This is an office, open-cubicle job, but I must say that I do not mind one bit. For one thing, I love my team mates. They are part of my answer to your second question. In addition, at the time being, since I am still a student, I prefer having fixed hours; I find it easier to settle a schedule that way. This may change when I am finished; we will see.

2- My main source of entertainment remains my coworkers' conversations (and the Web site they may send). The rest of the time, I'm on CBC or Radio-Canada's news sites. Obviously, working in an office where our on-line going-ons are monitored to some degree, I couldn't go to Facebook or Twitter even if I wanted to. I keep them for homework. At home, I also visit deviantArt, a bunch of Web-comics and blogs, as well as occasional visits to sites I haven't bookmarked, such as Cracked.com, Failbook, Know Your Memes and Tv Tropes.

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