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What Is HTML? Should I Learn It?

Published by gosk02@uqo.ca on 2012-06-12

You’ve probably heard the initialism before. For some, it means a tool used to build a website. For others, it’s technological, and it does or means something.


To begin our introduction, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:


“HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the main markup language for displaying web pages HTML elements form the building blocks of all websites.”


While it may seem complicated at first, the logic behind HTML is easy to grasp once you start using it.


Let me explain my understanding of it:


HTML is a language that your web browser translates into what a website should look like through a series of commands. Of course, there are several other components that come into play, but let’s leave it at that for now.


But why should I even learn about it, you might wonder? I asked myself that question as well. While it’s a useful skill to have, can it really have an impact on my translations?


In a world where technology is a part of our daily lives, a basic understanding of HTML could provide you with valuable assets, such as:

  •   Effective communication between the various team members of a website, where the translator would have a better understanding of the inner workings of the website to be translated;
  •   Simple coding that can be done by the translator to lighten the work load of the webmaster;
  •   Skills that could help a translator obtain a contract or a job that involves the translation of a website.


These elements were the first part of the lecture presented by Philippe Loranger for my Rédaction Web class at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. He also mentioned that, where he currently works, it was not uncommon to have translators working on some parts of the HTML code while translating, and that this would probably become a trend in years to come. While this is his personal opinion, it convinced me to try and learn as much as I could.


 My next few posts will be about the basics of HTML,  from what I have learned in the classroom, from books, and from online courses.