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Woah, Mama!

Published by lindsay_gallimore@sympatico.ca on 2012-03-23

I'm pregnant! Je suis enceinte! ¡Estoy embarazada!


Ah yes, in all three of my languages, I shall be a Mommy this coming September. My husband and I are thrilled, and although I could easily write an entire post about the joys (translation: vomiting) of being with child, this is clearly not the right forum. However, I have been looking into a variety of topics that combine translating and motherhood.


How is pregnancy and motherhood going to impact my career path? No matter what your profession, every mother must consider this important and inevitable issue. In fact, it was with motherhood in mind that I pursued my translation diploma. Teaching high school is more than a full-time job, you can’t just leave at 3 PM and devote yourself to your family. Yes, I know, everyone says, “But you have summers off!” This is true, however, from September through June, you work significantly more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And this is not a complaint; I love teaching. It’s just reality. I would either be a so-so teacher or a so-so Mom, and neither are acceptable to me. I absolutely salute, chapeau, grovel at the feet of all of the millions of Moms who work full time and are amazing mothers at the same time. I am lucky enough to be in a situation where I can work less, and I am going to take advantage of it. That being said, I am too passionate about learning and about language to completely stop working for any significant period of time. Therefore, I see freelance translation as something flexible that I hope to be able to do from home. I can hopefully be with my baby and help “arrondir les fins du mois” as we say. Is this a lofty ideal? Could I manage a translation contract with a tight deadline and all my Mommy duties (the extent of which I am most surely underestimating)? I guess I’m not going to know until I try it.


I am curious how all of my fellow language professionals manage family life and professional life. If you work at home, do your children still go to day care? Do you only work when they’re at school or when your partner takes over? Women, how have you kept your brains active (given that it’s your most important tool) during the intense first year of raising a baby?

Please chime in in the comments section!



Congratulations on your trilingual baby! Yes!
I might not be the right person to comment on most of your questions - I do not have a child of my own. And the obvious: I am a man!
But I do get this feeling that translation is a very family-life-friendly profession.
I get to take care of my own and to do various activities, and that includes, sleeping in once in a while and doing family activities, and not only on weekends.
I salute your idea that freelancing is a good option for soon-to-be moms, or even for new moms. Do have a colleague or two who would be ready to give you a hand if you ever have caught with tight deadlines.
Take care!


I am not a mother, but I think that translation gives flexibility toward freelancing and therefore would be useful for a new mother!

Everything is in how many contracts do you take. It is perfect because you don't have to do eight hours straight.

I think you will manage quite well!