As part of LinguisTech, the Community of Practice focuses on creating a network of language professionals from across Canada. This community, consisting of students, language professionals, organizations and associations, allows users to participate in an innovative virtual community that includes access to forums and blogs. Users can exchange ideas concerning the realities of the language industry with other professionals in the field and express their views on subjects that interest them.


By becoming members ofthe Community of Practice, professionals in the language sector can get the latest news and keep up to date with upcoming events much more easily. There, you can post and comment on recent updates and directly communicate with other members. It is a  place where professionals can establish connections and watch them grow.


Whether you need help troubleshooting a software issue or solving a translation problem, with the Community, you can call on other members for their opinions and advice. After all, two heads are better than one. Or in this case, the more heads the better!



Updated November 17, 2011