LinguisTech offers a wide variety of language technologies currently available to language professionals and students through a unique program known as a virtual desktop. This virtual desktop is like a computer within a computer. Users will access it from their own workstation and have all the tools they need available to them.

LinguisTech is very similar to a standard Windows computer and  is therefore extremely easy to use! If you can use a Windows computer, you can use LinguisTech. That being said, should you have any issues you can contact our technical team at info@linguistech.ca.




The only noticeable difference between the LinguisTech desktop and a normal computer’s desktop is a bar across the top of the screen. This is your main control panel for minimizing, maximizing or closing the LinguisTech desktop.


Types of tools included


  • BiText Aligners
  • Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools
  • Correction Software
  • Monolingual and Bilingual
  • Term Extractors
  • Terminology Research and Management Tools
  • Word Processors
  • Translation Management Software
  • Translation Memory (TM) Systems
  • Web Localization Tools and Software Localization Tools



Updated November 17, 2011