Connecting to the Virtual Desktop (Mac)


Connecting to the Virtual Desktop

1.   Open the Internet browser of your choice.

2.   Go to the LinguisTech home page and log into your account. (An account and a subscription are required to access the Virtual Desktop).

3.   Click on the Virtual Desktop section on the Get Going page. It is no longer necessary to log into the Portal website after logging into the LinguisTech site.

  1. You will be directed to the welcome page. Click on the Connect button to begin loading he LinguisTech Virtual Desktop. If you do not see the Connect button, you do not have a valid subscription and will need to purchase one.
  2. You will then be presented with a download for a text file, but nothing may happen. This is normal; it means either no remote desktop client has been installed on your system or it is installed but not configured to read .rdp files. (The Remote Desktop Connection client is included with OfficeMac 2011).


Installing the RDP client

1.   Go to the Microsoft Desktop Connection Client for Mac Web site.

a.   In your browser, open a new window or tab.

b.   Type http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18140 in the address bar.

3.   Locate and click on the orange Download button.

a.   Once the download has finished, you will be prompted to install the software.

4.   Install the software.

a.   In the window that opens, click the Continue button in the right-bottom corner.

b.   You will be asked to read the terms of use. Click on Continue in the bottom-right corner.

c.   A new window will open asking if you agree to the terms of use. Click on Accept in the bottom-right corner.

d.   A new window will open. Enter your password and click OK to continue with the installation.

Configuring the RDP Client to use .rdp files

1.   Open your download directory.

2.   Right-click (or apple-click on older systems) on the connect files (or one of the connect files if there are several).

3.   From the drop-down list that appears:

a.   Select Open with…

b.   From the list that appears to the right, select More applications…

4.   A window (shown above) will open.

a.   From the middle column, select Remote Desktop Connection.

b.   In the Activate drop-down menu found in the bottom section of the window, ensure that All applications is selected.

c.   Check the Always open with box so you do not need to repeat Step 4 every time you use the remote desktop connection.

d.   Click on the Open button in the bottom-right corner.


Opening and using the Virtual Desktop

1.   A new window will open (shown below) :

a.   Enter the same password you used to connect to the LinguisTech website.

b.   Click on the OK button in the bottom-right corner.

c.   In the even that you receive an error message, click Connect.

2.   You should now be connected to your virtual desktop. If this is not the case, please contact LinguisTech’s technical support team.



Updated October 29, 2012