Translation Services - Students



The translation field is evolving at an unprecedented speed and of this, students are well aware. Language technology software, machine translation, and post-editing are now an essential part of the language field and key to translation education.

To help the trainees improve their quality of work, all translations by students contributing to LinguisTech Translation Services will be thoroughly revised.

Description of Tasks - Translation Trainee


The trainee’s key responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Translating texts from English to French and occasionally from French to English while respecting the content, context, and style of the source text;
  • Using translation tools to improve the quality and coherence of various documents;
  • Proof-reading and revising various documents;
  • Producing quality translations within a given timeframe;
  • Ensuring document quality;
  • Carrying out terminological research;
  • Using appropriate terminology in documents;
  • Creating glossaries for each client or topic;
  • Optimizing efficiency through time management and prioritization;
  • Addressing questions from colleagues about language and its usage;
  • Contributing to LTRC team efforts by carrying out any related tasks.

Applicants are expected to:

  •  Possess organizational skills;
  •  Possess knowledge of translation tools (Logiterm, MultiTrans, SDL Trados);
  •  Possess IT knowledge;
  •  Have an excellent grasp of written and spoken French and English;
  •  Be detail oriented, reliable, methodical and motivated;
  •  Be able to adhere to confidentiality policies;
  •  Be able to work independently;
  •  Possess excellent teamwork skills.