Here is a short list of some false cognates or "faux amis" from Spanish to English.


Actual/actualmente – CURRENT(LY), not actual(ly)


Americano – PERSON FROM NORTH OR SOUTH AMERICA, not exclusively a person from the United States


Asistir – TO ATTEND, TO BE PRESENT AT, not to assist


Billón – TRILLION, not billion


Carpeta – FOLDER, not carpet


Colegio – HIGH SCHOOL, not college


Complexión - A PERSON’S PHYSICOLOGICAL BUILD, not skin complexion


Compromiso – PROMISE, OBLIGATION, or COMMITMENT, not compromise


Delito – CRIME, not delight


Desgracia - MISTAKE or MISFORTUNE, not disgrace


Educado – WELL MANNERED, not educated


En absoluto – ABSOLUTELY NOT, not absolutely


Embarazada – PREGNANT, not embarrassed


Éxito – HIT or SUCCESS, not exit


Fábrica – FACTORY, not fabric


Librería – BOOKSTORE, not library


Rapista – uncommon word for BARBER, not rapist


Realizar – TO BECOME REAL, BECOME COMPLETED, not to realize (in the sense of coming to understand or notice)


Recordar – TO REMEMBER or TO REMIND, not to record


Pretender – TO TRY, not to pretend






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Created by: Diana Franz