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Helpful notes and exercises on translating, writing, editing and grammar.


LinguisTech's collaboratorsFor more information on a collaborator and his or her approach in writing these tips and tricks, click on the collaborator’s name at the bottom of the page.  have created these tips and tricksThe content of each page is based on the author’s reflection, research (outlined in the bibliography) as well as professional and academic approach. pages both to help up-and-coming translators, revisors and paralanguage professionals, and to help those established in the field in perfecting their skills.


These tips and tricks span varying degrees of difficulty. In short,  our goal is to offer a wide range of subjects tailored to the various needs of our users.


Are you a language professional, professor or graduate student in translation, language studies, terminology or linguistics? We invite you to contribute to LinguisTech by posting your comments or proposing your own tips and tricks that could potentially be integrated into the site.


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Please note that, like the language sector, LinguisTech is continually expanding.