Testimonials from LinguisTech Translation Services Trainees




Anne-Marie Tudorache

(University of Ottawa) 


During my internship at LinguisTechTranslation Services (STLT), I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of translators and revisers in a very professional and quality-oriented environment. I was also given access to an array of useful and user-friendly translation technologies that helped me and will continue to help me develop my work methodology for my future career in translation.


The broad knowledge I acquired during this internship exceeded my initial expectations by far, as I was able to complete not only translation-related tasks, but administrative functions as well. For example, I had the opportunity to create different promotional material for the Linguistech website such as news and blog articles, and even managing a few translation projects. I also learnt to work with different software components and translation environments and even tested some of them even before they were released or before they became popular on the Canadian market. In other words, this work environment is ideal for students who are looking forward to doing more than just translating.


Linguistech is a window of opportunities for language professionals of all ages and fields.