A 4 months subscribtion is offered to students for 78$ plus taxes.


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Subscription Components


The Virtual Desktop


The LinguisTech Virtual Desktop is a remote interface that provides access to translation and writing tools. It can be downloaded directly onto your computer and is compatible with all PC and Mac platforms. The tools you will find on the Virtual Desktop are:


Adobe (office tool)

Antidote HD (word processing tool)

CatsCradle (localization tool, upon request)

Fluency (translation environment, upon request)

LogiTerm Pro (translation environment)

MultiTrans (translation environment)

MultiTrans Flow (translation management, upon request )

OpenOffice (office tool)

SDL Passolo (translation environment)

SDL Trados 2007 (translation environment)

SDL Trados Studio 2009 (translation environment)

Suite Microsoft Office (office tool)

Transflow (translation management, upon request)

Transiterm (terminology management application)

WhiteSmoke (word processing tool, upon request)


Enhanced access to the LinguisTech website and training modules


LinguisTech is a reference website for language practitioners made up of a language technologies tool box, a training and documentation centre, and a virtual community. Subscription to LinguisTech gives access to a community of practice, numerous tutorials, the blog and the forum.


Technical Support


To have all of your technical problems answered, please follow the steps on the Technical Support page. This will help you determine whether or not this is a simple, common problem or something more complicated that will require the assistance of our technical support team. Please verify that your question has not already been answered before contacting our team.

E-mail: info@crtl.ca; telephone: 819 484-1022, ext. 0.