SDL Trados WinAlign Tutorial, Level I



VII. Questions for reflection 


VII. Questions for reflection


  • As you did these exercises, what were your first impressions of the functions and functioning of WinAlign?
  • What can WinAlign help you to do? In what kind of situation?
  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using WinAlign to align bilingual corpora, export aligned files and import aligned files into Trados Studio? How does this compare to a manual approach?
  • What criteria can be used to evaluate this type of tool?
  • How does WinAlign compare to other alignment tools you have seen or used such as YouAlign or the alignment feature in LogiTerm, MultiTrans or Fusion? Did you find this aligner better than another? Why or why not?


Tutorial updated by Julian Zapata Rojas (2012-09-20).


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