SDL Trados WinAlign Tutorial, Level I



II.    Getting ready


II. Getting ready


  1. Save the files you will need for this exercise:

    1. Create a sub-directory called WinAlign_Tutorial (or another name that you wish). (For instructions, see Creating a sub-directory in Windows.)

    2. Download the compressed folder WinAlign Tutorial Files which contains an English text and a French text.

    3. Save the folder and extract the files to the sub-directory you created. (For instructions on how to extract files, see Extracting files from a compressed folder in Windows.)


  1. Open WinAlign: Start > All Programs > SDL International > SDL Trados 2007 > Trados > WinAlign. 


  1. If the WinAlign interface is in French, you can change it to English. We will be using the English interface for this tutorial. 
    1. To change the user interface language, go to the Affichage menu and select Langue de l’interface utilisateur.
    2. The Langue de l’interface utilisateur dialogue box appears. Select English from the drop-down list and click the OK button. 



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