SDL MultiTerm Tutorial, Level I




Adjusting Java Security Settings


In order to add and edit term records in MultiTerm, you must first adjust the Java Security Settings.


  1. Close MultiTerm. (If you get a message asking if you would like to proceed without saving changes, click Yes.)


  1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu. 


  1. Click the Java (32-bit) icon. (You can change the size of the icons by selecting Large icons or Small icons from the View by: drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the window.)







  1. Select the Security tab at the top of the dialogue box.


  1. Adust the Security Level slider to Medium and click OK.


  1. Close the Control Panel window.





  1. Restart SDL MultiTerm and open your termbase.

    1. From the Termbase menu, select Open Termbase....
    2. Your termbase should appear in the list. Click on it and press the OK button. (If your termbase does not appear in the list, click on the Browse... button, locate the sub-directory created at the beginning of this tutorial, click on your termbase and click on the Open button. Your termbase will now appear in the list.)



  1. From the Edit menu, select Add New, or click on the corresponding button in the Editing toolbar.



  1. A Security Warning will appear. Check the box next to Do not show this again for this app and then click the Run button.



  1. You are now ready to add and edit term records (Adding term records to your termbase).


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