Opening a TextBase and TermBase in

MultiTrans PRISM



I. Why?


In order to use MultiTrans's many functions, you must first open a TextBase and TermBase.

II. How?


  1. Open MultiTrans.
    1. MultiTrans opens and asks you to enter a username. Enter the name of your choice and click the Start button.
    2. The main page you see is referred to as the Start Screen. It displays icons for various MultiTrans functions (e.g. Start SessionAnalysis) and allows you to navigate between them. (See Note 1.)
  1. From the Start Screen, click the Start Session button. The Start project dialogue box opens. (See Note 2.)
  2. Identify the source and target languages for this session.
    1. From the Source language dropdown menu, select French. 
    2. From the Target language dropdown menu, select English. (See Note 3.)
  3. Take a look at the the boxes displayed under Selected resources. For the moment, they will be empty because you have not yet selected the TextBase and TermBase that you want to open. 
  4. In the lower half of the dialogue box, under TextBases, identify the TextBase you want to open.
    1. The name of the TextBase you created in a previous tutorial should already be listed. Check the box to the left of it.
    2. The name of the TextBase will now appear in the upper left-hand box, below Selected resources > TextBases.
  5. In the lower half of the dialogue box, under TermBases, identify the TermBase you want to open.
    1. The name of the TermBase you created in a previous tutorial may already be listed. Check the box to the left of it.
    2. If your TermBase does not appear in the TermBases lists, click the Browse button. 
    3. From the Open window that appears, find and select the TermBase in a previous tutorial. (It will probably be located in the H:\MultiTrans\TermBases folder.) Then click Open
    4. The name of the TermBase now appears in both the upper and lower right-hand boxes of the Start project dialogue box.
  6. Click Start. The TextBase (labelled as TextBase Search) and TermBase will both open. You will see only the TextBase.
    1. To view the TermBase, go the View menu and select TermBase.
    2. To return to the TextBase, go to the View menu again and select TextBase


You have now succesfully opened a TextBase and TermBase and you may begin using any of MultiTrans's various features. 








NOTE 1: You will not be able to access the Translation Agent, TextBase Agent, or TermBase Agent from the Start Screen. For information about how to access and use these tools, consult the corresponding tutorials: MultiTrans Translation Agent Tutorial, Level IMultiTrans TextBase Agent Tutorial, Level IMultiTrans TermBase Agent Tutorial, Level I



NOTE 2: You will need to have alrady created a TextBase and TermBase before proceeding. If you have not yet created them, complete the MultiTrans TextBase Builder Tutorial, Level I before continuing. Alternatively, use one of the ready-made TextBases and TermBases: MultiTrans Bases — Extractor and TermBase Manager or MultiTrans Bases — Agents.  
NOTE 3: If the default source and target languages are set in the opposite order of what you want, you can quickly switch them by clicking the icon located in between the language dropdown menus.





Tutorial updated by Melissa Roth. (2011-07-29)

Tutorial updated for Prism by Trish Van Bolderen. (2012-08-06)