Activating the MultiTrans 4.4 Menu in

Microsoft Word and Connecting to a

TextBase and TermBase



I. Why?


In order to use certain features of MultiTrans, such as the Translation Agent and the TextBase Agent, you must activate the MultiTrans menu in Word and connect to a TextBase and TermBase.


II. How?


Activating the MultiTrans menu

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. A message from Word will alert you that macros have been deactivated. In order to see the MultiTrans menu in Word, you will need to activate the macros.
    1. If this message appears in a yellow band near the top of the screen, click the Enable this content option. The yellow notice will disappear.  
    2. If, instead, the message appears as a window in the middle of the screen, click the Options... button, followed by the Enable this content option. Then click OK
  3. If you do not already see the MultiTrans menu and toolbar in Word (on the Add-ins tab to the right of the View tab), display them:
    1. In Word, click the File tab. At the bottom of the left-hand sidebar, click the Options button. In the dialogue box that opens, choose the Add-Ins option from the left-hand sidebar.
    2. Look at the list of templates:
      1. If you see the template TransTermII_Word.dot displayed in the list, click on it to select it.
      2. If you don’t see this template, click on the drop-down menu next to the Manage field (at the bottom of the window), browse through the list and choose the Word Add-Ins option, and then click the Go button: the Templates and Add-Ins window opens. Click the Add button, choose the TransTermII_Word.dot template from the list, and click the OK button. (If you are working on the University of Ottawa Writing Centre computers, see Note 1.)
    3. Back in the Templates and Add-Ins windows, click the OK button to add the template.


The MultiTrans menu appears in Word under a new Add-ins tab (next the View tab).


Connecting to a TextBase and TermBase


  1. Open your TextBase and TermBase in MultiTrans. (For instructions, see Opening a TextBase and TermBase in MultiTrans.)
  2. Connect Microsoft Word to your TextBase and TermBase
    1. In Word, go to the MultiTrans menu (under the Add-Ins tab) and select Connect to… >TextBase and TermBase….
    2. A message will be displayed indicating that Word is connecting to the TextBase and TermBase. This message will disappear once the connection has been established.

Once you have successfully connected, all of the options will be available to you when you click on the MultiTrans menu in Word.
















NOTE 1: On the Writing Centre computers, the TransTermII_Word.dot template is located on the Desktop. To find the template, click the Add button, then the Browse button, then Desktop.


Tutorial updated by Melissa Roth. (2011-07-29)