LogiTerm Terminology Management Tutorial, Level I



V.    Converting records into different formats


V. Converting records into different formats


Once you have created your records, you can convert files into different formats.


  1. Under the Terminology menu at the top of the main LogiTerm screen, open the sub-menu titled Convert. Select the option titled Conversion – LogiTerm Records to Other Formats. The window titled Conversion – LogiTerm files to different formats is displayed.


  1. Under LogiTerm terminology files to convert, create a list of files you want to convert.

    1. Click on the Add… button located to the right of the box.
    2. Select the files you want to convert. Click on the Open button.
    3. Click on the Next > button to continue.


  1. In the Fields to convert section, check the boxes (located to the left) of term record fields you want to export to different formats.


  1. In the section titled Filtering based on a field:

    1. From the drop-down menu, choose the selection list that you want to use to filter your data (you can choose the domain, source or remarks). Information will be displayed in the box below the drop-down menu.
    2. Select an entry from the list in the box to the left, then click on the arrow (located between the two boxes) in order to use this entry as a filtering criterion. (The entries in the box to the right are selection criteria that you have chosen.)
    3. Click on the Next > button to continue.


  1. Under Output file type, select one of the displayed options.

    • The option titled LogiTerm terminology file (Word document) creates a filtered term record document that includes only the fields that you have selected.
    • The option titled XML File creates files that can easily be used in different environments (e.g. web browsers).
    • The option titled Tab-delimited text is useful if you want to save the information in your records in a table format.
    • The option titled HTML table creates an HTML table with columns corresponding to fields you have chosen.


  1. In the text box titled Output file path and name, indicate the name and location you want for your converted file.


  1. Click on the Go button. A window appears when the process is complete. Click on the OK button. Then click on the Close button to return to the main LogiTerm window.


Tutorial translated by Charlotte Dibden (2013).


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