LogiTerm Terminology Management Tutorial, Level I


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I.     Introduction


I. Introduction


Terminology management systems allow users to create, store and manage their term records and to conduct searches to retrieve and reuse parts of their work. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and query term records in the LogiTerm translation environment.


Queries are entered in the same way in the three main parts of LogiTerm (terminology management system [known as terminology base in LogiTerm], bilingual concordancer [bitext database], monolingual concordancer [full text database]). You can use the same search strategies (except for some minor differences) in these three contents of LogiTerm.


You can learn more about general functions of LogiTerm by consulting the document titled Getting started, which you can access from the grey bar at the top of the main LogiTerm screen (Help > Getting started). You can also take a look at video demonstrations of some LogiTerm functions on the Terminotix Youtube channel.



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