LogiTerm Monolingual Concordancer Tutorial, Level I


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I.    Introduction


I. Introduction


The LogiTerm monolingual concordancer allows you to build and query text databases (also known as corpora) to look for character strings. It displays search results in full text format, showing where they are found in a segment in the text, or in the entire text if needed. This format is different from the KWIC (key word in context) format used in some other concordancers.


Search queries are entered in the same way in all three components of LogiTerm (terminology management system [known in LogiTerm as terminology database], bilingual concordancer [bitexts database], monolingual concordancer [full text database]). Therefore, you can use the same search strategies (except for some minor differences) for all the LogiTerm components.


To find out more about the functionality of LogiTerm monolingual concordancer, you can consult the Full Text Path section in the LogiTerm help files (Help > Getting started, pages 39 to 41)You can also learn more about Terminotix products on the Terminotix YouTube channel.





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