Adjusting Languages and Terminology


Template in LogiTerm



The first time you open LogiTerm, you will be prompted to set your Languages and Terminology Template settings. These settings can be adjusted anytime (Settings > Languages and Terminology Template or Configuration > Langues disponibles). 


  1. From the Langue de départ (Source language) dropdown list, select English (Anglais) or French (Français).


  1. From the Langue d'arrivée (Target language) dropdown list, select English (Anglais) or French (Français)  


  1. Click the Add (Ajouter) button. The languages will appear in the Defined language pairs (Couples de langues définis) list.


  1. Repeat this process for the opposite direction.


  1. Click the Next > (Suivant >) button.






  1. The Terminology Template (Modèle de fiche terminologique) dialoge box appears. Leave the settings for the fields with their default values.


  1. Enter your initials in the Your initials (Vos initiales) text box.


  1. Click the OK (Confirmer) button.


  1. You are now ready to start using LogiTerm.