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I.     Introduction


I. Introduction


The term extractor in LogiTerm 5.0 is an integral part of the LogiTerm translation environment. It can help a user to identify possible complex terms in a text or a collection of texts. The list of identified candidate terms (and they are always candidates until a human user has verified them) can be used as a starting point for doing terminological research and creating term records. LogiTerm offers two output formats for its candidate term lists, each of which offers different types of information to a user. Each type of format may be appropriate for various tasks commonly carried out by translators and terminologists. Note that the integrated term extractor in LogiTerm focuses on unilingual term extraction. To learn more about bilingual term extraction, you can check out  SynchroTerm  , also from Terminotix.  


You can learn more about LogiTerm by consulting the LogiTerm document Getting Started, which is available from the Help link near the top right-hand corner of the home page.


For access to tutorial videos on getting started with LogiTerm, you can check out the Terminotix channel on YouTube, including the tutorial on term extraction at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWJpAaC3pd0. You may also try our CERTT video tutorials.





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