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L'apprentissage informel des technologies : savoirs organisationnels et compétences des langagiers (2011)

This article examines webinars as an informal place of learning within a network of language technologies and as a space for knowledge (explicit and tacit) exchange for the various individuals participating in the technological development and distribution, adoption and use of the technologies. The issues discussed include the learning approaches used by language technologies businesses and the work styles that these businesses privilege, the best practices provided by the businesses, the language technologies that practitioners should or are ready to use and the skills they should possess and, finally, information/knowledge management within businesses and the role of technology in this process.

Iulia Mihalache: professional profile
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Technologies de traduction collaborative : intégration de la dynamique de réseautage social aux outils de traduction et à la formation des traducteurs (2011)

This article examines the ways in which advanced translation technologies integrate the voice and the power of translator networks and communities, analyzing the implications of collaborative translation technologies on translator training and skill acquisition.

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Human Aspects of Language Technologies within an Organization (2011)

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This paper identifies the effects that using language technologies, including computer-assisted translation tools, can have on an organization, both in terms of production and professional well-being. Motivation increases creativity and reduces the risk of burnouts, but organizations that use language information systems can see potential increases in productivity and quality. From language professionals' perspective, these tools have to help translators without removing their autonomy and intrinsic motivation that affect both their professional well-being and their performance.
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Computer-based Writing Tools for Professional Writers: What Do They Need? What Do They Use (2011)
The author describes how professional writers benefit from different computer tools such as electronic dictionaries, databases, correction programs and, on a larger scale, information technologies. She analyzes the frequency of use of these tools as she describes the research, writing, editing and production processes of the various writers she has interviewed.
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Commercial Language Technologies Overview (2011)
An overview of language technologies currently on the market, their date of creation, purpose, type of technology, available versions, market penetration and cost.
Diana Franz
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Language Technologies Lexical Collection (2011)
A bilingual language technologies lexical collection with definitions, equivalents and examples in both languages.
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International Directory of Language Technologies (2006)
An international directory of laboratories, organizations and associations related to language technologies, and their associated research projects.
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Directory of Canada's Language Technology Industry (2006)
A directory of Canada's language training, content management, translation and speech processing technology companies and research centres, as well as their associated products and research projects.
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Standards and Guidelines for the Language Industry (2006, revised in 2007 )
This document describes international standards, guidelines and resources that have some relevance to the language industry, specifically, to content authoring, content translation, content management and terminology management.
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