Le Migou Tutorial, Level I 



III.   Getting to know the interface


III. Getting to know the interface


  1. The search interface has several fields:

    1. In the first search field next to Premier mot, you can enter a word or group of words (character strings) for which to search in a corpus;
    2. In the drop-down list next to the search field, you can specify how you want to search for your character strings:
  • Exactly the way it appears in the search field (without preceding or following characters)(Séquence exacte);
  • Potentially followed by more characters (Débute par cette séquence);
  • Potentially preceded by more characters (Se termine par cette séquence);
  • Potentially preceded and followed by more characters (Séquence imbriquée). (See Note 1.)
  1. Below the first field, there is a drop-down list of available Boolean operators which help a user to combine search strings. The first in the list is the ET (AND) operator which searches for two words together. The second in the list is the OU (OR) operator which searches for one word or the other. If the ET operator is used, you can specify that you want the words searched in the order in which you entered them by checking the Respecter l’ordre des mots checkbox next to the drop-down list.
  2. The Deuxième mot search field allows you to enter a second search string of characters, if you wish. The drop-down list next to it allows you to specify how you want to search for your character strings (as in the Premier mot drop-down list).
  3. The drop-down list next to Corpus allows you to specify which corpus you wish to search. Le Migou gives you access to a series of French corpora; most of these are specialized, but there are also two newspaper corpora (articles from Le Monde and the Canadian press). You can search through one corpus at a time by selecting the one you wish to search, or you can search all of them at once by selecting Tous les corpus.
  4. The drop-down list next to Distance maximale entre les mots allows you to specify how many words can appear between the specified search strings if you want to combine two strings using the ET operator.
  5. The drop-down list next to Nombre de contextes par page allows you to specify how many contexts will be displayed per page in the search results.
  6. Finally, the Lancer la recherche button allows you to start your search.



  1. By default, Le Migou searches single words, that is, character strings which are graphically delimited by spaces, punctuation marks, symbols and carriage returns. 



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