Le Migou Tutorial, Level I 


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I.     Introduction


I. Introduction


Le Migou is an online monolingual concordancer that was developed at the Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte (OLST) at Université de Montréal by Patrick Drouin (http://www.mapageweb.umontreal.ca/drouinp/). It allows a user to consult general and specialized language corpora which, for the most part, have been compiled by members of OLST. The corpora are mainly in French, but there is one in English (the SACOT corpus on terrorism), and one in Korean (on computer science).


A concordancer such as Le Migou can make it easier to search through texts by allowing a user to search for one or several character strings and display all occurrences of these character strings in context.


Le Migou is conveniently available online at all times. However, since the corpora are already built, the user has less flexibility in terms of content; you are limited in the domains or corpora you wish to consult.


Please note that Le Migou interface is French-only. As previously mentioned, there is an English corpus, in which you can search in English, but the interface will always remain in French.  


To use Le Migou, you will need an account. (The account and use of the tool are free). You can register from Le Migou’s website by clicking the access button. Your username and password will be emailed to you. 


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