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Iulia Mihalache



Creator of the Translation Ecosystem


The Développement de capsules pédagogiques project for LinguisTech is designed to provide translation students with the technological knowledge and skills necessary to master the tools commonly used in the translation industry. They also give students the opportunity to develop analytical skills that help them, once on the job market, adopt the best practices and make informed decisions along the translation logistics chain. This material consists of various training paths available in an online self-serve format, which makes them adaptable to different scenarios and knowledge levels. This is one of the reasons for calling this space the Translation Ecosystem.



PhD in Translation Studies

University of Ottawa, School of Translation and Interpretation



Masters in Translation Studies (Transfer into PhD program)

University of Ottawa, School of Translation and Interpretation



Licence en langues et littératures étrangères

Spécialisation : traduction/interprétation (français/anglais)

Université de Bucarest, Faculté de langues et littératures étrangères, Roumanie



Stage de formation en traduction et interprétation

Échange interuniversitaire TEMPUS, Communauté européenne

Institut Libre Marie Haps, Bruxelles, Belgique




The Localization Certification Program

California State University, Chico Center for Regional and Continuing Education and Research Foundation, The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)



Publications (coming soon)


Grants (coming soon)


Professional website (French)