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Elizabeth Marshman




Elizabeth has worked on the Collection of Electronic Resources in Translation Technologies (CERTT) project since 2007, and is thrilled to see CERTT integrated into the LinguisTech framework where it can help students and professors across Canada better choose and use language technologies. She has worked with the CERTT team on adapting existing CERTT tutorials and exercises for LinguisTech, as well as on developing new resources especially for LinguisTech.


She has also worked on surveys evaluating users' technology training needs and interests and their reactions to the CERTT resources. She hopes that you will fill out these surveys and give lots of feedback to help ensure that the LinguisTech and CERTT resources are simple, useful and fun to use.


PhD in Translation (Terminology option)

Université de Montréal



MA in Translation

University of Ottawa



BA Hons. in Translation

University of Ottawa



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