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Developed by the LTRC, LinguisTech is a reference Web site for language professionals. It consists of a language technologies tool box, a training and documentation centre and a virtual community.


LinguisTech simplifies the work of translators and language professionals through a variety of useful tools, user-friendly training for these tools, as well as a community of practice that is enriched with the reflections and findings of its users about language technologies.


Even though it is primarily geared towards students, LinguisTech is also extremely useful for professors and language professionals. The tools offered include translation memories, localization tools, text alignment software, etc. The software is well organized and constantly updated by the technical support team. You will need to subscribe to LinguisTech in order to access all of its resources. 


LinguisTech's virtual desktop can be accessed anywhere in Canada and is both PC and Mac compatible. It allows users to save time and money on top of their having access to technical support by phone or email. You can install it on your computer in just one click.


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This project has been funded by the Government of Canada as part of The Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program (CLSEP).




LinguisTech Translation Services


LinguisTech Translation Services offers students the chance to expand on their university training through practical experience in the field. Experienced certified translators will serve as mentors to help the trainees in their translations. The collaborative teamwork at LTTS will allow the trainees to share their knowledge with each other, and because academic training varies at each university, they will all benefit from the wide variety of backgrounds. The skills acquired at LTTS will have a direct impact on the trainees’ future courses, assignments, and exams.


Access to LinguisTech, the feature that distinguishes LTTS from other agencies, will allow the trainees to become expert language technology users; trainees will already be comfortable with the software used in their future workplace, giving them an edge and making them an asset to any future employers.


While working at LinguisTech Translation Services, the trainees will expand on their wealth of experience.  They will receive comments, tips, and feedback from their supervisors—experienced translators and project managers—and will be constantly building their resumes for the future. They will be involved in every step of the translation process: client recruitment, terminological research, pre-translation, translation, post-editing, revision and invoicing.


Upon completion of LTTS training, the trainees will have acquired months of experience and will have a solid base on which to start their career. Looking towards the future, they will be well-versed in the translation process after having acquired practical experience that will serve as a complement to their university training. The trainees’ expertise will allow them to start their career ahead of the curve.  Future employers of LTTS trainees can rest assured that they will save time and money when they hire among the best. They will be hiring the most well-rounded, skilled young translators.


Whether the trainees wish to work in the public, private, or freelance sectors, LTTS offers the gateway to the next step: becoming a certified translator. All translations carried out at LinguisTech Translation Services can count towards certification with OTTIAQ and other accredited associations.


This project has been funded by the Government of Canada as part of The Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program (CLSEP).




The Language Technologies Research Centre


The Language Technologies Research Centre (LTRC) was established to carry out and promote research, development and technology transfer activities in language technologies.


The LTRC aims to promote strategic partnerships in order to provide new opportunities for collaborative research, innovative technologies and marketing. The LTRC plays a vital role in Research and Development (R&D) for Canadian businesses that develop and use information technology products and services.


The LTRC is home to several organizations that participate in their own unique way in the development of language technologies. Whether to support their R&D services or to promote a more global approach to partnership, the LTRC advocates a synergistic approach in the language industry setting that allows it to be a valuable and key player in all language technologies research projects.


Users of the language technologies being developed at the LTRC have an advantage when it comes to being a language professional. In its R&D program as in all its marketing efforts, the LTRC emphasizes leading-edge technologies and highly qualified partnerships that help businesses succeed.